H4/H1B travel question


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Hello Sir/Madam,

My spouse is working on H1B visa and I am on H4 and his company has filed for H1B extension+transfer. Our current I94 expired on 25th Dec 2018. I am Canadian PR and I have got the invitation for Citizenship test in 2 weeks. I have two visas; H4 which expired on 25th Dec 2018 and valid B1/B2 tourist visa. Can you tell if I can re-enter USA next day after test on B1/B2 visa, since H4 has expired and extension has been filed. I have two kids whom I cannot take to Canada for appearing in the test, but I have to return to them since they are too young and dependent on me. Can you please provide you expert advice, how to handle this situation?

Thanks & Regards

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