I-797B issues with consulate as Vancouver


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Hi Guys,

I am currently in USA on F1-OPT that expires in June 2019.My employer filed my H1B petition under consular notification and in my approval notice (I-797B) the consulate notified mentioned is Vancouver.

Since, this is my first H1B stamping, I was thinking of going to my home country,India. Will that cause any issue if I apply at a consulate other than that listed in I-797B?I am not too keen on applying at Vancouver consulate as Third Country national.

Please advise.



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Law firms usually select closest consulate for consular processing of the visa. You can go to almost any consulate in the world for stamping , however , you should go to your home country for first time stampings specially where change of status was done. Also some of the consulates do not even take first time stamping applications from some of the countries. Home country stamping is the best approach. All consulates would have access to a system called PIMS which already has all your h1b data to say the least.

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