7th year H1b extension after I140 approved outside usa


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Hi Team,

Could you please guide me, if I can apply for my H-1B Petition Not Subject to Cap. I was in the USA for more than 6 years. Please see my details below:

I-140 Approved: June 27, 2017
H1B Visa Expired - October 2017
H1b Max out (6 years) - March 2018

Extension filed on August 2017 and received RFE and replied on March 2018.

Extension Deny (USCIS website) - 6th June 2018
240 days reached - 3rd June (stopped working after that)
Returned to India - 14th June 2018  (after denying confirmation)

I am working from Canada in work permit for the same client and want to see all the options to return back to the USA.

Thank you very much for your guidance and help.

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