L2 to H-1B COS denied

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I am currently on L2 visa (from aug-2015 and valid till July-2020 ) working for ABC company with EAD (valid till July-2020) . My employer filed for H-1B in April 2018. It picked in the lottery and received RFE in last week of September 2018. In Dec-2018 we submitted our response to RFE and H1-B got approved ( valid till 09/2021) in Jan-2019 with Denniel of COS and processed for counselor processing.

My concerns are:

  1. How soon I have to go to home country  ( as mentioned in I-797 B) and get H-1b visa stamp?
  2. Can I change my employer from ABC to XYZ even before H-1B stamping? If so will H-1B gets terminated?
  3. How many years I can continue with H-1B? Does the time spent on L2 visa count against H-1B visa?

 Thank you in advance.

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