Admin Processing on H1B visa for company name change


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H1B petition approved on Company X and later Company X was renamed to Company Y, carried H1B approval petition on Company X and Employment Letter on Company Y along with name change registration papers (given by employer). Visa Officer couldn't get the details on name change after verifying in their systems and other colleagues but no info, finally gave greenslip stating they are sending for Administrative Processing. Visa Officer retained Employment Letter (on Company Y), name change registration papers and returned back passport, H1B petition. Anyone gone thru this experience? If so, any estimated timeframe?

I heard that Visa Officers in Consulate verifies with Department of State about company name change. Please advise. Thank in advance!!


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I am in same condition, came to visa last year and was issued 221g. My company name is X and was listed same in all my filing. However, my packcheck has company Y (Company Y was bought 5 years back by Company X and they didnt change the name on paychecks), they send case back to USCIS. Our attorney responded to USCIS stating Company Y was bought by X and provided the paper work. They reaffirmed my case, sent the confirmation to DoS, as of today i have been informed that consulate is processing my case. 

Just FYI i work as FTE 

Hope this helps!!

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Can we attend for visa in home country while one that I attended in third country national is in administrative processing? Can someone give me insight on this?

FYI, administrative processing is about verifying company name as company name on petition is different than latest employment letter.

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Hi Luck2u,

I am still waiting for my visa to be processed and i don't mean to scare you. Find below my timelines

Sept 5th Visa Interview

Not sure what happen in between but our attorney told they recievd notice of intent to revoke, they responded 

Nov 30th USCIS has reaffirmed the case.

I have been in constant touch with Consulate, but keep getting generic response. Again it could be case to case, i hope mine is worst case and wish no one to go through.


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