Temporary suspension of premium processing


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Per recent release "The previously announced temporary suspension of premium processing remains in effect for all other categories of H-1B petitions to which it applied. We plan to resume premium processing for the remaining categories of H‑1B petitions as agency workloads permit."

Do we know if there is an estimate date to when premium processing is restarted for all levels in question? Earlier expected date was Feb 19, 2019. 

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My previous employer sent USICS a withdrawal notice on Nov 19th, 2018 and my new employer applied for an H1B transfer on Nov 23rd, 2018. I have an H1B receipt and waiting for approval. Is it ok to change the client that I’m working thru my employer at this point ? My current employer says that I will not fall under the 60 days period quota since I’m already employed and it should be ok to apply for a new petition at this point.

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