H4 denied port of entry at Detroit Windsor tunnel


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Hi, I am on H1 visa and my husband has H4 and EAD, recently I moved to Windsor from Detroit and started travelling everyday . this move was temporary to complete my landing procedure as Canada PR and figure things out. My husband visited me 4 times and during the 5th time border officer stopped him and denied his entry to US as I am currently living in Windsor. I already had plans to move to Michigan and I mentioned that to officer, he said he don't know about hat but currently he cannot enter USA. I am moving to Michigan next week and really worried if my husband can accompany me. Officer did not mention the word revoke or cancel or did not write or stamp or strike on the visa in passport at the border. When I asked an officer recently at border, he said if stamp is clear, his visa might be valid, But I hear that some times, they will not physically cancel visa but they will put a note in system that visa is cancelled? is that true. Hoe else can i find out if his visa is valid or not. Any advise on this is highly appreciated

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You seem to be abusing the system by moving and living in Canada while claiming H1b status. You have to be a US resident to be in valid H1b status. 

It's possible his visa/status might have been cancelled by CBP without any accompanying marks on the passport. Assuming your husband signed any document at POE, he might have a withdrawn entry that, if true, would now be a part of his record. Have you entered the US after this incident? 

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Hi, please ensure to know the law before making remarkabke statements on one's profile. H1B person can stay in other country but come every day for work. Thousands of people do that every day on h1 b. They stay in windsor but work in US on H1B. I was not abusing system. 

Only thing i did not know or realise is even for my temporary stay in windsor my husband cannot come back to US as he should accompany me and he can do that if i also come to USA and stay.


I travelled every day after that incident since 2 weeks and there was absolutely no problem for me to enter, they asked questions wat was the issue and took notes and let me go. They did not make my husband to fill any form of withdrawl.


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