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I am experiencing a very weird case in my H-1B interview and do appreciate for any suggestion...

Dec 10th 2018: I interviewed in Beijing China on Dec 10th 2018, I was stupid and brought the wrong I797 (previous employer) and was asked to send the correct form by email and received AP. Did so the same day.

Jan 4th 2019: update on CEAC

Jan 10th 2019: received an email from consular confirmed that they received all necessary documents but asked me to confirm my current employer because the PIMS still showing my record as working for the previous company with my old I797 documents. I was informed in the email that my record in PIMS needs to be updated and they have request the responsive office to solve it, and the process should take 9-10 working days.

Jan 23rd 2019: another update on CEAC at night (after 5 pm) and received a call from the consular next day (24th) telling me my information is still not correct/updated in the PIMS and asked me to write a letter to explain the situation...

This is absolutely weird, I studied lots of PIMS related cases, all of them solved after another update from CEAC and all PIMS related problem should be solved within 2 weeks (most of them within one week). The process is that the consular would request KCC to update the PIMS and KCC would search and correct the record. It feels like the consular sent request to KCC to ask for PIMS update on Jan 10th, KCC 'updated' my record (apparently they didn't... at least not succeeded) and sent notice to consular on Jan 23rd. Consular got the notice and checked my case again and seeing no update so they had to call me again to ask why my information is different, same as what happened on Jan 10th. 

I confirmed with my lawyer that they have sent 2 copies of the documents to USCIS for them to update my record when applying for the H1B transfer, so KCC and USCIS should have my record. 

I am feeling deeply frustrated for all the stuff so far, I am really really really appreciate any suggestion.


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