Consultancy ended my employment


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I'm on H1B and I have been with my employer for more than 7 years. Now I'm on bench for a couple of weeks now. They told me that they will have to end my employment if  they don't find me a project in a week. 

What unemployment benefits can I claim from my employer?




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First, you need to get paid, even on bench.

Second, if they end your employment they ha e to offer you a ticket to you home country if you wish to go back.

Third, on H1 you can't claim unemployment benefits. For unemployment benefits you have to be willing and able to do any work. Since you are on H1 the second requirement isn't fulfilled.

You have 60 days or until the I-94 expiration, whichever is shorter, to find a new employer. Avoid consulting companies.

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19 hours ago, Provence said:

On the bench for a couple of weeks, or was you last day December 14? 

Either they find you a project, or you'd soon be out of status following which you are required to leave the US. Your current contract dictates if you're eligible for any severance were you to be let go. 

Dec 31st was when my project finished. Consultancy is going to end my employment today. 

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