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  1. I have EB2 PD of Aug 2013 from Employer A. I left employer A cpl of years and joined Employer B. In Oct 2020, My employer B concurrently filed I-485 and I-140(But in EB3) since EB3 dates became current. I have recently received I-140 receipt notice. I expected it to have a PD of Aug 2013. But it shows a PD of April 2020. I'm worried. Can somebody advice?
  2. sapentap

    EB3 Filing date retrogression

    Thank you!
  3. As per Dec 2020 visa bulletin EB3 filing dates retrogressed by one year(from1st Jan 2015 to 1st Jan 2014). My PD is 1st May 2014. What happens to my concurrent filing of I-485 and I-140 downgrade which was submitted as per Oct 2020 visa bulletin. No receipt received so far. But out petition was submitted before Oct 30th.
  4. sapentap

    I-140 validity

    More than 1 year after I-140 approval
  5. sapentap

    I-140 validity

    My previous employer said they will revoke I-140 when I quit and took a job with another employer. How do I check whether or not that I-140 is still active/revoked? I'm not sure whether this is the right way to check but I did check using the case status page on USCIS, it says "Case was approved". Could anyone please let me know how to check the validity? Thanks
  6. sapentap

    Consultancy ended my employment

    Dec 31st was when my project finished. Consultancy is going to end my employment today.
  7. Hello I'm on H1B and I have been with my employer for more than 7 years. Now I'm on bench for a couple of weeks now. They told me that they will have to end my employment if they don't find me a project in a week. What unemployment benefits can I claim from my employer? Thanks --Swamy
  8. Hello, I'm on H1B(Valid thru March 2020). I'm working as a contractor at my client company. I am currently in India(visiting for 1.5 month). I just found out that my client has terminated my contract and gave a 2 week notice(Last day is Dec 14th) . But i'll be returning to US on Jan 1st 2019. Do you think this will become a problem at the port of entry? Please advise what can be done in this situation.