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I am a US Citizen sponsoring GC for my parents. In my Birth certificate, my last name is not spelled completely. Just the initial is given. For example like <first name> <Last initial> instead of <First Name> <last name>. We have contacted the officials in India and they say they won't fix it and issue a new Birth Certificate. I don't want the GC application for my parents get affected because the last name is not fully spelled in my Birth Certificate. Can someone please suggest options on what I can do?

Thank you in advance. 

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Thanks pontevecchio. Just wanted to update this posting I made. I applied with what I had and my parents got their green cards. It was held up in some kind of bureaucratic forest due to us applying for the I130 and I485 separately (though they allow it), and I needed to get the senators office involved, but all is approved and we got the GC.

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