140 Approved, got promoted to Manager in same team !! Need help


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Here is my situation and need valuable help and guidance.

I have EB2 140 approved with priority date in Dec 2010 as business analyst.Got promoted to Manager for the same team in Dec 2014. When checked with the attorneys in 2014 , they mentioned it is a lateral progression and no advise for new PERM. Recently they have started advising to go for New PERM and port 140 priority date. My company has also approved the process. I have BE from India and MS from Carnegie Mellon.

I would like to get guidance and help for the following questions.

1) Would i be eligible for EB1C category?

2) With the current state of visa bulletin, Is it advisable to start a new PERM at this time?

3) If a new PERM is started , will it impact my earlier PERM and 140 approvals?

4) While the second PERM is in progress if the EB2 Dec 2010 becomes current, will i be able to apply i485 using the earlier PERM and 140 approval?

5) How long does it take for PERM and 140 approval currently?

Any other options available. Please share your thoughts and help in this situation. 



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