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I got an RFE on my i765 form (OPT) mentioning the below - 

"Provide evidence, such as a copy of your transcript establishing one full academic year of lawful enrollment as a non-immigrant in an immigration & customs enforcement, student and exchange visitor program, approved school."

I have completed the course from reputed college of (University of California) abiding the F1 rules.

1. What are the evidence I need to provide apart from my transcript?

Kindly advice.



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I am in a similar situation now, they have issued an RFE for my OPT. How long did it take for you after submitting the transcripts??

Below are my details:

  • Enrolled for Masters in 2018 May in H4
  • Completed 2 semesters (Summer & Fall) in H4
  • Changed my status in Dec to F1
  • Completed 2 semesters (Spring and Summer) in F1
  • Applied for OPT on June 1
  • Received RFE on AUG 20 for transcripts

  Do I have to submit any additional documents? Does my clock reset which means I will have to wait for an additional 90 days?

I already have a job offer and I am worried if I would lose it.


Please advice.....


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