H1B Transfer

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I am currently working full-time with Employer A and contractor with Employer B as Software Developer. Recently my H1B is approved with Employer A from Oct'18 to Oct'19 and are ready to file my GC on EB3. On top of this, my Employer B offered me full time. I am in dilemma with a lot of questions about whether to accept the offer or not. Can you please help me to take a decision.

1. What would be the maximum period taken for H1B transfer?

2. As I have approved H1B only for one year how will my transfer and extension be impacted? Can the transfer and extension go parallelly?

3. Can I go to India between June-August for my marriage during these processes?

4. When the H1B transfer is in progress can I go to India for visa stamping in Jan?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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