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My GC (EB1C) was filed on Feb-2018 (Concurrent filing i-140, i-485 etc..).

My i-140 was approved on Sep-2018 and i-485 was picked up for processing on Sep-2018 and with NBC now.  I'm waiting for my interview date from my local USCIS office as the next step.

There was no i-485 J (supplement) was filed in my case yet.

My Question is

1. Do I have to file the i-485 J in my case?

2. If i dont have the i-485 J filed before my GC interview, Will there be any negative impact?

3. If I dont have the i-485 J filed before my GC interview, Will the letter from my employer support my employment? 



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""Supplement J is a seven-page form that must be completed and signed by certain applicants for adjustment of status based on an I-140 immigrant petition, employers seeking to employ such applicants, and persons preparing the form on behalf of the applicant and employer. Supplement J must be filed


  • when an adjustment of status Form I-485 application is filed separately from an underlying I-140 immigrant petition;
  • when an adjustment of status application seeks to take advantage of the job portability mechanism provided in Section 204(j) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to move to a new job in an occupational classification that is the same as, or similar to, that of the position described in the I-140 petition; or
  • when USCIS issues a Request for Evidence (RFE) or Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) asking for evidence of an existing job offer.

Please note that Supplement J need not be filed when an I-485 application is filed concurrently with an I-140 petition or when the adjustment of status application is based on an immigrant petition seeking classification as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability or seeking a National Interest Waiver. Applicants for adjustment of status who are beneficiaries of family based immigrant petitions also need not file Supplement J.""



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