H-4 Visa Stamping appointment with unapproved Form I-539


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Hello All,

My (H-1B) and my wife's (H-4B) current visa is valid till 10/20/2018. My H1-B extension was filed on 5/31/2018 and was approved on 9/7/2018. My employer also submitted Form I-539 on 5/31/2018 to extend my wife's status. As per https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ currently, it takes 12-15 months to process Form I-539.  So, it seems her Form I-539 will be approved by 07/31/2019.

My wife is planning to visit India on 11/26/2018, and I am planning to visit India on 12/27/2018. We both will be appearing for Visa stamping process on different days.

Question: Can she appear for visa interview while her Form I-539 is still under review by USCIS?





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