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HI, my fiance now my wife, came on a tourist visa and I proposed marriage to her here in the US and later after we got married here she went back to turkey, i told her to apply for h4, she went in to the appointment yesterday and they looked at all the docs. When it came to the tourist visa she was told that she went to the states in the intention to get married, she backed her self up stating she actually went there to visit friends and thats when i proposed. despite that they said she lied and based on that they rejected her tourist visa and sent her away without a h4 visa.She took another appointment according to the embassy's consular advise. What are my chances can an expert advise us on how to handle the next interview? Please help. This is so frustrating,Thank Much!

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Well, it is perfectly ok to get married in the US on a visitor visa. The person then has to return, and get the appropriate visa to enter again.

So, I don't see anything wrong in what you guys did. Staying in the US after the marriage could be seen as problematic, but she didn't.

So, I think the officer was wrong...

In any case, I would stress that a) visitors can of course marry in the US, people do that all the time, e.g., in Las Vegas, and b) that she returned from the US, didn't violate the visitor visa terms, and wants to do everything the right way by getting an H4.

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Thanks for making me feel better Joe, Well I think the same way its not a crime to marry. I am just speculating that

the officer might have thought its not a genuine marriage. So I decided to write a supporting letter stating that she was not aware at the time of the tourist visa interview that she was going to marry me and that was not her intent. I hope this works. She was also told she lied because she came to the states on so and so date and she married after 3 days. She was told she knew she was going to get married and they rejected her tourist visa. Joe is there anything else i can do to make my case stronger for the next interview? All your help is appreciated. thank You!

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Hello, Is there any attorney willing to take up my case and fight it? This is in regards to H-4 denial for my wife in turkey, Please feel free to contact me. even if murthy law wants to help I would be open to talk to someone. or if anyone had a similar case and knows any Attorney please suggest

I need help your. Thank you!

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Since I have stated my case above about my wifes H-4 denial. Lets say they denied her on the bases of not showing her intent to come here and getting married on a tourist visa . Does that mean they will refuse her a green card when we get ours through employment? Does she have to be in the states to do finger printing? I wont be able to bring her to the states because they denied her H-4. please advise

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