B1 Visa for Dad and challenged brother


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I am a US citizen and trying to get a B1 visitor visa for my father and my younger brother who is suffering from down syndrome.


My mother already has a visa, after which my dad and my younger brother attended the interview in 2014 at Chennai (I was on green card in 2014).

They were refused the visa with the 214(b) form.

I am planning to schedule another appointment for both of them in next week. Please suggest how can i ensure they get the visa this time. I am in USA for close to 20 years and wish my dad and brother to visit at least once. Awaiting for your suggestion.

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11 hours ago, Noah Lott said:

there is nothing you can do to ensure they get a visa.

Have you filed an I130 for your parents?

It is possible that the CO will believe that you will do that ten minutes after your parents arrive. Your brother cannot be petitioned any earlier than the sibling category dictates (upwards of 12 years)...how many visits has your mom made and for what duration?


Thank you for the response. No I haven't filed a I130 for my parents.

She made only one visit in 2014 for 5 months.

Now, I wish to get a B1 visa for my dad and brother?

Please suggest if this time I should book an appointment for both at the same time.

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