Travel outside of US while I140 is pending

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folks, my GC petition (EB1C) was filed in May 2017, I received EAD/AP three months later and currently waiting for I-140 approval. I have a situation and may need to travel to my home country for an extended period of time. Does anyone know if the petition will remain active or it would be terminated after certain period of time?

Any suggestion would be much appreciated!


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As long as you come back within the validity of the GC, you have no issue. Have somebody check your mail or ask the lawyer to let you know once approved. I am not sure, but there may be an interview in which case return before any such Interview. If you know your GC has arrived, return post haste and let the CBP Officer at the POE know.


On the other hand based on your circumstances, you may like to opt for Consular Processing. You are probably aware of "GIGO". Do not hesitate to involve the company lawyer in this decision. He certainly should knopw more about the circumstances of your application and so on.

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