Approved petition got revoked while H1B transfer is in progress

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Hi there, Need your advise. 

I had approved petition and I94 till 06/2019. I changed my employer on 09/17 and my H1B transfer was filled on 08/29/17. My x employer sent a withdrawal notice to USCIS while my new H1B transfer is in progress. 

On 12/17, USCIS sent revocation notice.. I didn't get it..

Also I joined with my current employer from 09/25 once I got the H1B petition and getting paid by them regularly. 


1. Am I out of status since my H1B transfer is in progress and my old approved petition got revoked ?

2. Is it legal to work with my new employer with H1B receipt ? 

3. Should I stop working until my transfer got approved ? 

Please note that I have valid i-94 until 06/19.. 

4. Does i94 also revoked along with my existing petition ? 

Please help. Thanks.




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Thanks for your quick response.. 

To add more on that, my new H1B was filled with USCIS(08/29/17) before my last date( 09/19/17). Served two weeks of notice once I got the receipt notice .I..So I am legally ok to work with petition receipt rite ? 

I hope my transfer petition will get approved without any issues, if so, will I get I94 or should I exit and return back to USA ? 

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