H1B Extension after 9 Years with I-140 Approved


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I have been working in US for the last 9 years and my visa expires in May 2018... I have approved I-140 with my current employer and my visa extension is to be filled in few weeks..My employer is a small consulting company with around 500 consultants and placed me at Client location through his Prime Vendor.. Following are my concerns:

1) I heard that nowadays USCIS is raising more RFEs on visa extension applications based on I-140.. and I have heard about couple of rejections.. Is USCIS denying the extensions even though the RFEs are addressed with proper documents?

2) As I am working as a Consultant at Client location, will it be difficult to get the visa Extension?

3) If I join as full time employee with any of the employers instead of working as consultant through vendor, will it improve my chances of getting extension approved?

I required, I can give more details...

Please reply asap..

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