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My spouse is US citizen and i have applied for GC in June. I have finished Biometrics. I checked my status online and seems my EAD is approved, but havent received the card yet. I was on F1 and my classes begin on Aug 16. I would like to know

a. if i dont enroll for my classes, would i be out of status.

b. Will there be any drawbacks on my GC process.

c.Is my EAD go enough for me to legally stay in US.

Application date: June 2nd

Biometrics: July 27th

EAD and AP approved online: July 27th

Still waiting for the Card

Please advise asap

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EAD is not a status it's just your work authorization because you have pending GC application. If uscis think you are using F1 status to get the green card then your application can be deny. So it's better to get the admission if you enter on a Student visa if I can see clearly you are using F1 visa to just get the GC then uscis also can see that so it's better not to play with uscis. You can stay in USA as long as your GC application is pending with uscis.

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