Need Advise travelling on previous employer's H4 stamping


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My wife is currently in India. She went for H4 Visa renewal taking approved H4 from my previous employer (in September 2017), which almost coincides with my changing to a new employer and H1B transfer. I will provide the dates, please advise me if this is gonna be a problem.

DS160 confirmation date: 27-AUG-2017

Drop Box Confirmation Date: 28-AUG-2017

Dropping date: 01-SEP-2017

My Last Date with Previous employer & H1B Transfer Receipt Notice Date: 31-AUG-2017

  So my doubt/concern/question is, can she still travel with this H4 stamp supplemented with H4/H1 transfer receipt notices, my pay checks etc., by the way, my H1b Transfer is still under processing, this is the reason, I am not able to send her for new H4 stamping.

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2 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

Why do you think "renewal" does not mean getting a new H4 stamp? Without an approved H1 petition for you, she will not get a H4 visa. Nothing called approved H4. You mean h4 status based on your H1 status.

Our H1 and H4 visas expire in AUG 2017, we got approved/renewed H1 and H4 in Jun 2017, so usually when she went to India, she went for new H4 stamping (aka renewal), she got it based on previous petitioner's approved H1 and H4 notifications (this new stamping activity coincided with my switching to a new employer). Now she is still in India and planning to come to us in a month or so, and we only have acknowledged transfer receipt notices from uscis, but still not approved. My concern is can she still travel to us with the new H4 stamp carrying our transfer receipt notices?


Should she wait till our H1B and H4 with new employer are approved and then go again for stamping carrying these approved notices from new petitioner and then come here?

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