H1B stamping after being acquired by another company


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Hi All,

I have an approved 797 based of an approved I-140, the company which I worked for was acquired in September 2015, after which I traveled to India on the approved 797 of my old company and got my visa stamped at the consulate in December 2015  (valid until may 2017) ). I'm planning to visit India in March, the new  company initiated the extension in Feb 2017 and I have a 797 (approved till 2020) with the petitioner being the new company, however the visa that was stamped on my last visit to India has the petitioner as my old employer.

1. As the end date of my last 797 was May 2017 and I'll be in India in April (which meets 1 year criteria for drop box), will I be able to avail the drop box facility as my new 797 is approved and valid till 2020?

2. If yes, being the in the scenario of working for a company which acquired us,can I still use drop box facility or will I have to visit the consulate. Please advise.

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