Legal name change before filing I-485

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I recently got my I-140 approved (priority date current) and I am in the process of filing my I-485.  Before coming to the US in 2008, I got my passport changed from my maiden name to my after-marriage name using a notorized self-affidavit of 'change of name' (that I did in my home country after my marriage) and my marriage certificate.  Hence, since I came to the USA, my after-marriage name has been exclusively used for all the documents (e.g. US visas, SSN, my US education degrees, I-797 approvals, I-140 approvals, my work-related documents, utility bills, etc.).  For filing the I-485, I have been suggested to pursue a legal name change since the self-affidavit is not considered sufficient for a name change.  Please let me know if it is mandatory to pursue a legal name change before filing I-485.

As I have never used my maiden name in the US, I am not sure if I would be able to pursue a legal name change in the US.  If yes, then please let me know what kind of documentation would be required for the same.  I have my birth certificate, marriage certificate, and my old-canceled passport with my maiden name for documentation related to my maiden name.  

If I am not able to pursue a legal name change in the US, then would I be required to travel to my home country to pursue a legal name change?  Would it be possible to get a legal name change without traveling to home country? 

I am looking forward to genuine replies.

Thank you.

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