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I am on GC residing in the US with my spouse and 2 kids. My mother (who is a widow and who is above 70 years of age) has a visitor visa and she has visited me multiple times and has stayed for 1-2 months each time. I have 2 older sisters - one is unmarried (who is 43 years of age and does not want to get married) and stays with my mom in her home country. The other is married and stays in home country with her family.

I wanted my older (unmarried) sister to visit me and my family (as we bought a new home) and also to see places in the US for a month or so. However, I have applied for a visitor visa for her in the past for 3 times, and all the times it was rejected (even after submitting all relevant documents). It has been over 2 years since it was last rejected. My sister takes tuition classes at home and also takes care of my mother. I am not sure how to ascertain the immigration authorities that she will go back to her home country after a short visit. The visa authorities do not check any documents and ask only basic questions each time.

Should I call my sister with my mother or alone? I do not mind either option as I only want my sister to see my new home (along with mother, or not). I can always call my mother alone later (if calling her alone is better option) as my mother has visa.

Please advice on what would work better, and how to prove that she will go back to her home country.

Thank you in advance.

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In general, all B2 visa applicants should establish strong family, financial and social ties to overcome the presumption of immigrant of intent pursuant to Sec. 214(b) of Immigration and Nationality Act. If the visa has been refused earlier it may best to reapply when there is some change in circumstances or additional information that was not available during the previous visa interviews. One should note that the consular officer adjudicates a B2 visa application based on information available on Form - DS 160 and what is transpired during the visa interview. Though the consular officer seldom verifies the documents carried by the applicant, it is always good to carry all relevant documents to evidence strong ties to home country.

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