N400 - San Diego - 9 months since application - 8 months since fingerprinting and no update


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I applied in early Jan,2017 for citizenship and San Diego is my field office. My biometrics were completed in Feb and the status still says "Fingerprint appointment was scheduled." The processing time table says as of June 30th, San Diego was processing December 6, 2016 applications. We are now in early September.  Are others facing such long delays? When I call USCIS, they refer to the processing table and are not able to offer further information. Is my option to wait until the processing table gets updated? Any pointers on what I can do? Thank you in advance!

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I was able to speak to an IO today and he said it is still pending background check. I am perplexed (though I know a variety of reasons could theoretically exist) and it appears that there is not much I can do but wait it out. He did mention he will send a service request to the agency holding my file (which I assume is the FBI). Anybody else out there who has had background checks pending for a while and how did you resolve it? Thank you!

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When I called the 1-800 number, the L2 officer raised a service request with the local field office (not FBI since they can't contact the FBI). So I have to wait 30 days. When I try to schedule an INFOPASS appointment, the online auto message for San Diego is that they are processing applications filed Feb 2017 and earlier and to contact the 1-800 number or schedule an INFOPASS appointment if I have not yet received an interview notice (which I haven't since my online status still says "Fingerprinting scheduled."). So next step will be for an INFOPASS appointment though I am not sure if that will yield more information or progress.

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@Alexander-2017: I have lived in the U.S. for 17 years: 6 as a student, almost 6 on H-1B, and 5 as a GC holder. I got my GC under the employment category via my husband's application. Nope, my name is not common and or long. FWIW, I am from India.I applied for my citizenship 2 months after my husband did. My husband's case went through fine in a matter of 6 months and he is done. I am still waiting..... Thank you!

Also thanks pontevecchio for the options you listed. Thanks atewani.

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As an update, I have filed 2 SRs. An L2 officer today says the system shows that the Field Office has requested the file from the NBC and she cannot see whether background check is pending or not. Seems like different L2s provide different information. Another L2 said background check pending. Also the processing timetable has moved up to Jan 9, 2017 and my PD is Jan 6, 2017.  Still a waiting game. Have also requested a telephone consultation with the Murthy Law Firm.

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On 9/14/2017 at 4:43 PM, pontevecchio said:

Only USCIS is responsible for your file and not the FBI. Phone calls with them are not useful as they are outsourced minions who read from a script.

A few things may make them speed it up.

1. A federal Senator' Office.

2. The USCIS Ombudsman.

3. A lawyer filing a writ of mandamus in Federal Court if the procedure seems inordinately delayed

The reason I asked you is that the USCIS automated the system that sends information to FBI for background check and the system had an [technical] issue. Mainly, it was truncating the last few characters from long names, which resulted in re-doing background checks and prolonging the waiting time. Also, people who stayed in the US for many years on GC seem undergoing additional screening. In your case, I believe the answer posted by pontevecchio is the best to follow.


Please keep us posted so that other folks who may face similar issues in the future can benefit too.

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Just an update, I finally got my interview done and took oath. In the interim, while I was chasing things, my local congressman's office responded saying they were inquiring. I don't know if this sped things up or the natural backlog got cleared. It look a full year from application to oath. Thank you all and best wishes.


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