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I was on H1B visa and was working in California. Right now I have left USA permanently to avoid getting into legal complications regarding domestic dispute with my wife. My spouse still in USA on H4 visa at her relatives place. She is planning to serve me court papers to me.

1.Can she still can serve me court papers when I am outside of USA?

2. If yes what is the impact of it on me or my H1B visa status?

3. Since she is not willing to leave USA and I have left USA by giving her proper notification, what will be the status of her H4 visa? 

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If the court papers can't be served, and you don't show up in court, there would be a default judgement against you. It can be enforced as soon as you enter the US at any time in the future, meaning you could get arrested when you try to enter.

In a domestic violence case, the victim may be able to get a U visa.

Essentially fleeing the country was pretty much the worst thing you could do. Be an adult.

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Hello JoeF,


My wife made a false allegation about the Domestic Violence and called the cops on me while I was at work. I was arrested and finger printed. I cooperated with all the authorities. 

I hired a lawyer, was given court dates, attended all of them and was NOT given a final disposition of my DV case yet when I had to leave USA due to final stages of my dad battling with cancer. I have hospital records to prove that. (Finally my dad passed away). I always had intentions of returning back to USA since I had visa dates to go back. 

Now my H1B Visa stamping in under Admin Processing since december 2017. In the meanwhile they ordered arrest warrant against me since I could not appear in courts due to admin processing. 

Recently, i was told to submit Physician Panel Report and the arrest warrant and the court disposition papers. 

What are my chances of getting Visa stamped?

and seems like my wife is using U Visa to stay there  with my baby. I havent seen my baby in months.

What are your thoughts? JoeF


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