Change of status from B2 to F1


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Hi there,

I entered US on a tourist visa to visit some friend on December 2016. On the first month of my vacation I did a check up for an issue i had with my eyes and doctors advised my to go through an eye surgery. I went through an eye surgery on February and i was advised by the doctors to by under their supervision every month to check the progression of my disease. Knowing that i had to spent time in the states due to my health issue i decided to enroll to an English program course at UMASS. I received an I20 and i applied for a change of status from B2 to F1 so i could use this time to improve my English skills. I should mention that I am a Law graduate back home and English is one of my deficiencies, so i wanted to master it while waiting for my next surgery. I applied at the beginning of April for a summer course and my application is still pending. I wanna abide the rules and i don't wanna brake any immigration laws so i am a little confused on what my next step should be. Should i wait in the country until USCIS comes up with a decision or should i leave the country to apply for a visa ? My next doctor appointment is on October so I don't wanna miss that. Can you guys please tell me what should i do in order to abide all the immigration rules of US?

Thank You


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