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Was initially holding a F1 visa, switched to R2 while i was in the states. Got a dui, went to the embassy to get my non immigrant r2 visa stamped and was told to go to a panel physician.

got my results and dropped it off along with my passport at the RPX location (Jakarta, Indonesia).

my dui arrest date was in september 17 2016. I submitted my passport in August 26 2017, almost a year since the arrest date.

could this be the reason they reject my visa? Some people on this forum said i have to wait a year, and some dont. So im confused right now, im really worried, anyone has had any experience with this?


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Sad to see why people do not post the result after the interview. 

I will post mine. 

DUI in 2011 Left india 1 week after incident and had filled the form and marked No to arrest question. 

Stamping 1 - Employer A Officer was surprised why I marked No then he realized I submitted the application before the DUI. Sent for Panel in Mumbai to Lilavati Hospital - Asked to submit passport in 5 working days, got visa stamped. 

Stamping 2 - Employer B New employer hence interview in mumbai, officer asked about DUI I reminded him I already did the Panel. He went behind and told me to do the medical again I asked why he said first was not done properly. This time it was done at Rele Clinic and it was actually much intense than the Lilavati one and also included going to a Physo and they took 12 photos from me. 

Stamping 3 - Employer B Same Employer - Dropbox eligible - Marked question as Yes - Wrote medical done - No issues - Stamp received. 

Stamping 4 - Employer C Pending now. Will be dropping off the passport soon and this time its same Dropbox but change in Employer. I will post results when I get. 


I want to start posting this as I see people do not post after interview and leave others hanging in the dark.  I understand how painful the waiting is. DUI is a bad thing, do not drink and drive. It will haunt you for the rest of your Non immigrant life. 

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