Visitor Visa 4 times rejected


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Hello there,

My parent has applied for visitor visa 4 times and got rejected. 2 times were during my graduations, undergrad and doctor of pharmacy. I am on OPT and still waiting for the approval letter from USCIS for H1-B visa ( Receipt received in April). My parent would like to go for the visa interview again and do not want to wait for my H-1B visa approval letter. would it be a good idea to do it or I should tell them to wait for the letter? Any tips to success the visa application and interview are more than welcome. Thank you!

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Though the number of denials under Sec 214(b) of Immigration and Nationality Act does not have any impact on the outcome of the B2 visa application, it is always good to analyze the reason for denials with a qualified immigration attorney before reapplying for the B2 visa. Unless there is any change in circumstances or additional information which was not available during the previous interview(s), it will be difficult to overcome the presumption of immigrant intent under Sec 214(b) of Immigration and Nationality Act. Generally it is advisable to carry all relevant documents to evidence the relative is maintaining a legal immigration status in the United States.

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