Green Card, overseas job opportunity and US Citizenship


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I received my Greencard in June 2015 (so did my spouse) through the standard Employment based criteria. I understand that the earliest I can apply for US citizenship would be April 2020 (90 days before 5 years).  

My company has indicated that they would like me to take an overseas position for a 2 year period, possibly longer; there will be a couple of annual trips back to US for work, probably for a couple of weeks each time. I would eventually come back to US once the assignment is complete.

With this preface, I would like to know if:

  1. I can reside outside of US for more than 2 years without jeopardizing my current Greencard - I will be paid in the local currency and not in USD (company will handle all tax related filings)
  2. Assuming I am able to come back to US well within the 2 year period, would the application for US citizenship simply extend by the 2 year period to April 2022, or would the 5 year clock start again?
  3. What if I come back after 3 years - would the application for US citizenship simply extend by the 3 year period to April 2023, or would the 5 year clock start again?


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On 8/26/2017 at 10:15 PM, cap-gap said:

If you stay outside for more than six months continuously then ur clock will reset to 4 years..on top of that you will loose GC if you stay outside for over six months with out reentry permit..

Hmm, no. Losing the GC is after one year.
Please don't post wrong information.

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