My H1B with new employerapproved. I-539 for H4 received by USCIS. Not yet processed. Will it have any effect if my previous employer revokes my H1B


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My H1B visa transfer is approved with the new employer ( employer B). My dependent's H4 visa is from the time when I was working with my previous employer (A). And their visa has approval date till September' 2017. I have sent form I-539 , two months back, for their extension of stay after switching to employer B.  I-539 forms are received by USCIS and they have sent the receipt number but they are yet to be processed for approval.

My previous employer (A) wants to revoke my H1B. Will it have any effect on the dependent's H4 visa or their validity of stay in US ? 

Should I ask employer A to go ahead with revocation as USCIS has already received I-539 forms and they are going to process it in coming 3-4 months ? 

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