Max Out Date on 6 Year H1B


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Dear Members,

Can you please help me clear out a confusion

Below are my past stay days in US on a single H1B . 
As per my calculation the H1B Max out date is 21st April , 2018.
However my company immigration HR just advised last night that the max out date is 10th June 2019. 

Could you please verify from your side if my immigration HR is correct. 

Thank you very much for your help. 

My Past stay dates in US:
H1B Questionnaire’s: Additional Information

If you are currently in the US or have visited/stayed in the US at anytime 
in the past seven (7) years, it is imperative that you provide the following:

Initial Entry Date into US:__31st Jan , 2010__ Visa Type: __H1B__________

Dates of Stay in U.S.: From _31st Jan, 2010___To __25th Apr,2010___ 

Dates of Stay in U.S.: From _11th June,2010__ To 07 Sep,2010__

Dates of Stay in U.S.: From _16 Sep , 2010___ To 03rd May , 2011_

Dates of Stay in U.S.: From _24th may , 2011__To __5th May , 2013___

Dates of Stay in U.S.: From _10th may , 2015__To __Till Date___

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6 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

What is the exact number of years and/or months that you have been in H1 status?

Hi Pontevecchio

 I am calculating the total days spent here based on the above entry/exit dates and as per that I will spending exactly 2079 days as of 31st Dec 2017 .

So as per my calculation after 31st Dec  2017 , I got  left = 2190(365 X 6 years) - 2079 days = 111 days left in my 6 years which takes the Max out date to April 21st , 2018.

However my company HR advised my nax out date is 10th June , 2019. This is ofcourse good news for me but I want to know how did they arrive/calculate this.!! This is what is puzzling me.  


Can you please validate.  Thank you very much for your kind advice.





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Honestly , I dont want to question them as if they are doing this I will let them do and see what happens. They are global MNC and they are not expected to make mistakes.

However , just for my knowledge I wanted to know how they arrived at that date 10 Jun 2019 from all those dates I provided. As per my calculation I just got till 21st April , 2018

Honestly , just two days back I was trying to urgently get an employer to start my GC process as I knew I only had till 21st April , 2018.   

Just yesterday my Immigration HR asked for my papers so that they could apply for my extension. I still thought they would request till 21st April , 2018 but to my big surprise they said they will be requesting till 10 Jun 2019 which they advised to be my H!B Mac out date

I wanted to talk to some potential employers and tell them how much time I got left and want to make my move right now. Due to this dillemma I cannot make my move. Can I tell potential employers that I got till 10th June , 2019 righjt now and based on that make my move.

Thank you






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