H4 to L2 Conversion and EAD

Priyanka Chakravarty

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My husband is on H1B Visa and I am subsequently on H4. Recently he applied for H1 to L1A conversion and it got approved by the USCIS. My L2 conversion also got approved. We just received the I-797 Approval Notice, our passport is not yet stamped with the new Visa. Here are the specific dates for our Visas

H1 and H4 - Valid till 27th June 2018

L1A & L2 - Valid from 7th August 2017 to 14th June 2019

My question is:

1. Is the H1 and H4 not valid anymore?

2. How, when and where do we get the passport stamping done? (We would be traveling to India in September for 2 months)

3. I want to apply for EAD. Do I need to get my passport stamped with L2 or is the approved I-797 enough?



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A visa in the passport is an entry document, not a status document. So, when someone's status is changed by USCIS issuing an Approval Notice with an I-94 Card that person's status is generally governed by that document. Someone granted an L-2 I-94 Card by USCIS can generally file for an EAD Card based on that status.

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