H1b and H4 Stamping London


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Guys can anyone help me on that.


H1B and H4 Stamping at Uk Consulate.


Appear for visa interview on 

August - 07 - Did not asked too many question kept passport and I797. Said Visa approved

August- 09 - Case updated to Administrative Processing.

Today August 16 Still no change or any update in the case


Is some one else on similar boat.




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This is the replay i got when i tried to esquire the embassy in UK


Thank you for your inquiry.


Embassy records show that your application remains under review at this time.  Please note, no expedite service is available and there is no mechanism for routine status updates while a review is underway.  You can expect to be notified once the review is complete.  No additional information is requested or required from you at this time.


As there is no set period of time that a review may take, we cannot guarantee an outcome by any set date.  This is one reason why we advise all applicants against booking tickets or making final travel plans unless they have received their passport containing a valid U.S. visa appropriate for their purpose of travel.


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