Having 3 years of H1b and i-94 approval, last stamping already expired, just change to new project with in 40 Miles, Do I required new H1b Amendment before going to Stamping ?


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My 2nd H1b Extension and amendment got approved till 2020 and also got extension in i-94 which is approved till 2020.

Just change a project to new Client with-in 40 Miles with same employer. A new LCA has been already filed and certified.

H1b Stamping is already expired in last December 2016.

Que 1) Should we apply for New H1b Amendment ?  Because I am planing to visit my home country and will go for H1b Stamping as well.

Que 2) Or I can go for H1b stamping with Current H1b approval, with new client details(supporting documents) ?



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11 hours ago, raja2563 said:

Thanks for the response.

As I am eligible for the Dropbox and since they won't ask for any client details.

Is it ok to go for Dropbox Stamping with OLD H1B Approval ?

It is up to you if you want to take chances. What if you get a 221G during drop box and the visa officer asks you why did you not apply an amendment?

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