H4 visa wrongly stamped with previous company petition


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Hi All,

I was changed two companies in short interval. so i had two petitions with visa end date as 08/2019(p1) and 12/2019(p2). when I initiated h4 visa for my newborn. instead of latest petition(p2) they have issued visa with old petition(p1).

I have made travel plans already once visa status shows issued. but when we received visa, we got to know there is problem with visa stamping.

is there any problem with port of entry if we travel with this visa for my kid ?

P.S Visa is valid til 2019 but with wrong petitioner name

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3 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

VISA is not Petition. H4 status is NOT dependent on the company. It is based on your valid H1 status. So you will show your latest H1 petition when you enter and the baby will get an I94 till petition expiry.

Thank you so much for your response...

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