Can i use old approved H1B petition ?

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Employer A - Petition approved for 3 years in Feb 2016 (up to 2019), Stamped Visa (up to 2019) and started working.
Employer B - Petition approved for 3 years March 2016 (up to 2019) and not used.

After landing in USA, Employed A filed an H1B Amendment and now after amendment approval I797 has reduced validity of upto November 2017. So basically my Employer A will file an extension before november 2017.

Now my questions::
can i start working with Employer B using old petition. This has validity up to 2019? I have good terms with them still.
Do i need to inform USCIS anything?
I do not want to leave US now fearing stamping issues but i can go after a year. Is stamping important before starting a job with Employer B?

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