Visitors Visa for my Mother


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Hello -

My mothers visitors visa for USA expired this year in June 2017. I'm planning to apply for renewal/new visa this month. I've heard that you can send in a letter of invitation to your parents, however this is not mandatory. Couple of things:

  1.  I'm also seeing in different sites that you need to send in a "affidavit of support" - . I don't mind sending in additional documents so that the process gets easier for her, specially since this is the first time she will go alone as my father is no longer with us.
  2. Also, looks like she is eligible for drop box? She will apply at the Mumbai consulate. 

Need some suggestions/recommendations. Thank you.

Thank you.



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On 8/11/2017 at 2:06 PM, pontevecchio said:

Since she had the visa once there WILL be no issues. The form referenced is not relevant to tourist visas. You need to look up the consulate site for Drop Box eligibility. No extraneous documents are needed.

Hello - Thank you for your reply. I've read in some forums that the I-134 form is required, I do value your feedback but I'm wondering why is there different consensus regarding this requirement? 

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