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I had my L1 Blanket VISA stamped in India consulate.
After couple of months of stamping, I came to know that my VISA page was missing from the passport page. Yes, only the VISA page was missing. Looks like the page was stolen. Due to this, I was unable to travel to USA.

I immediately filed a police complaint and applied for a re-issue of a passport under damaged passport category here in India.

Now, I have received a new passport. It would be great if you could answer my below question

1) Can I use my original L1 blanket approval and apply for L1 VISA again (filing a new D160)

2) Can I use dropbox facility for this?

thanks for your help

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11 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

Did you actually ever look at that visa stamp? Your company should guide you. Since you have a new passport and the visa has disappeared from the old one, you will need a new visa and it could be on the basis of the L1 blanket approval.

Yes. I have seen the VISA stamping. I have a copy of that. Yes. working with my employer on this. looks like the original L1 Blanket approval can be reused. will keep you posted

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  • 2 weeks later...

Used my original L1-B approval for my stamping. my lawyer send me a new I-129 though.

finished the interview today with my consulate. VISA is approved. will get the stamped passport in 3-4 days.

Dropbox was not an option for me. The interview questions consisted on the usual L1 interview questions plus the scenario under which the VISA was lost.


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