Request of Evidence Notice for My Green Card Application (I-485)


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I am a single parent of a 16 year old American born child. I have been through extreme hardships for the past 16 years and am still waiting for my green card.

My priority date was February 2006 (EB-3) and is now current for August 2017 according to the Visa Bulletin.
I applied for my I-485 / green card application in July of 2007 and I have been waiting for the past 10 years.
In the mail, I received this attached letter asking for more information.
1. My labor certification was applied as an architectural drafter (I have architect's degree from India). Due to the bad economy in 2008, I couldn't find a job in architecture and pursued a BSN. I'm working in the field of nursing and going to school for my Masters currently. Do I have to get a job offer letter from the company that sponsored my green card again to work with them after the approval of my green card for 180 days? The company exists but does not have any projects in order to pay a salary?
2. Is the job offer letter required or is it optional? Can I get that job offer letter from another architectural company? Do I have to work in architecture after the approval of my green card or before as in right now?
3. At this point of the process, can I change the application and start a new labor certification as a nurse? Or a student visa as a student as I am going to school for my Masters?
4. I wanted to ask if there are any other options that I should be trying in order to stay in the USA?
I am very seriously and urgently searching for a job as an architectural drafter for the past two weeks without any success. 
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You should discuss this matter with a Lawyer soon, maybe the firm of Murthy. Your options are limited. Your best bet is to get a job in the Architectural  field in a position roughly similar to the one for which the GC was applied for. That would be difficult given that you have had no exposure to Architecture for a decade. It may hinge on your country of birth as to what may be possible. Best of luck.

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