Business Visa Rejected Under 212(a)(6)(C)(i)


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Hi Gurus,

I recently applied for a US Business Visa through my company at Mumbai in the month of March 2017 and my case was put on administrative processing.
After 3 months wait , I emailed the uscis and was called again for an interview in  August.
When I visited this time, I was put under 6C1 under 212(a) Perm Ineligibility...
The officer first said that I can contact the DHS and apply for waiver . Though later she said that she would consider my case and would apply for a waiver on my behalf with the DHS. She kept saying that i don't see any information and i just see a Hit (flag) in system for your name..
Consular gave me this sheet as attached BUT this sheet does not indicate that I am eligible to apply for a waiver. How do I know for sure that Consular did apply for the waiver on my Behalf ?
I am shocked because of this decision since she did not give me any details on what grounds has my visa been refused. I am completely in Shock.
She didn't want to listen to anything i had to say.
I used to live in US On H1b. moved to india for family.. always paid my taxes, never over stayed. good citizen... Not sure what went wrong..
I am devastated by the decision... Both of my kids are  US citizens...
Please see the attached Rejection Sheet ( I have taken out the names and exact dates for security reasons)
Is there a way i can find what went wrong ?? This could be some misunderstanding. i want to what exactly is the reason for their decision..
Please suggest what are my options now ......
Thanks in Advance !!

Refusal Sheet - Copy.jpg

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