My Wife Missed to mentioned her Maiden Name in N-400 Application

Scott Paul

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My Wife didn't mention Other Names You have Used since Birth ( maiden name) in n-400 application?


Hi Sir/Madam,
My Name is Scott Paul

We got green Cards from my Employment and applied for Citizenship.
My wife name is Gloria Paul. Her Green Card, Passport, SSN and Visa have the same name as Gloria Paul. But her Birth certificate as " Gloria Ryan." and Ryan was her maiden name. Her Bachelor degree certificate also has her maiden name( Gloria Ryan). Our Marriage Certificate also doesn't have her Median name and is having like this (Scott Paul and Gloria) I also didn't mention her maiden name at spouse other name's section in my n4000. Can you please advise on this? We have Citizenship interview in August 2017. What can I do? If my wife is  mentioning her median name at the interview, the process will take more time again?

Note: She didn't use her Maiden name in her I-485 & G-325. But I kept her maiden name (Ryan) in my G-325 Doc.

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