India Passport Renewal - Father name correction - Court Order

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During recent passport renewal of my kid who is 10 yrs old, passport officer at Consular office in Washington DC discovered that father's name (ie my name)in her expiring passport is  "Last Name First, Father's first name". However my correct name is mentioned everywhere as “First Name Last Name”. And all of my documents and supporting prove that. This name is following analogy of Last name, First name, Father’s first name. 


We investigated further that how that discrepancy happened and found that  there was a name mismatch in Aditi’s old passport as well which was issued in 2007 from Thane, Maharashtra. 


In 2012, when we got the passport renewed from Newyork, same wrong name was printed again. But somehow It was not discovered during that renewal and there was an oversight from us but we never realized about this issue until now.


I approached Washington DC consulate to explain after they raised objections but passport officer asked for court order for name change or court order for proof that both names belong to same person.


In all of my documents since birth I have my name printed as only First Name Last Name. I have no documents which has name as"Last Name First, Father's first name" for getting court order for name change or proving both names belonging to me.


I also consulted few few lawyers in India and US but not able to be advised how court order can be issued for this purpose since there is no legal name change. It is just an error in old passport.


Her passport is expiring soon and we will be in trouble for any visa extension or travel. I am also expecting a visa amendment soon which may lead to issues for herextension / amendment due to this issue.


Is there anything you could guide me how to proceed on this matter ? 

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