Joining previous Employer with approved, un-revoked I-140


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I have approved I-140 at current company C, want to go back to previous company A which also has my approved, un-revoked I-140. But the company A was acquired by Company B even when I was still with them. I have the W2 with company B's name on it. The Job description is same between A and B. I understand a new H1B will have to be done for joining the company B (earlier was known as A), but will I have to start the PERM all over, just because the company A was the one which had started my PERM and had my approved I-140 under that name?

The company B external attorney says I will have to start new PERM as it has risk in reusing the previously approved I-140 due to the above reason. Want a second opinion. The premium processing is suspended even now. The new PERM will put me back by 2 1/2 years with EB3. It's backlogged PD movement is favorable as of now. Staying with current company is not a choice.

Thank you!

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