Urgent H1B Amendment Question

amendment question

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Hello All,

I came to USA on a F1 visa and changed to H1B visa, and i am planning to visit my home country for first time H1B visa stamping early next month.

My Employer(150+ employees) changed his entire work location from A to B in New York. And the distance between A to B is 0.8 miles. These two locations come under same MSA.

My question is: Should my employer have to amend my H1B and LCA?

If yes, how much does it cost to amend my H1B and LCA and how long will it take to amend it.

If no, Can someone please provide the referring documents/links which convey this information.

Note: I work directly for my employer, this is not a consulting firm.

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I just got to know that my employer already file a "Change in previously approved employment" for my LCA and got it changed to new work location address as well.

And said there is no need to amend my H1B to new work address.

Do they have to amend my H1B approved petition as they have changed the work location address in LCA. I am really confused, i got my flight tickets booked and visa slot booked too.

Any insight on this??

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