Need to transfer money to parents in India for temporary purpose


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My parents in India need some 20 Lac rupees since my father is buying a property in India in my mother's name. But he is currently short of some money, which I plan to transfer from the US. However, this is a temporary need and he would be returning this amount over the next 3-4 years since me & my husband also plan to buy a house in future in the US. In that case, how do we take the current process so that we don't need to pay the 35% tax again when my dad returns this amount since this amount we are sending is already taxed here. I plan to send this amount through a gift deed as that would exempt this amount from any tax, but since my father would be returning this amount in future should this be a loan? Also, last thing - this would be around $32K should I send 3 gift deeds separately of $14K each so we don't pay tax - 1 to my mother, 1 father, and 1 sister?

Any guidance on this would be greatly greatly appreciated, my father is in urgent need of this money.

Thanks so much in advance!!!

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