Can H1B work as part time employee with old employer with valid H1B

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If one moved jobs and had  H1B transferred to new company (B) and started work at company B after the approval. Can  one accept a a part time job with the old company (A) if the old company H1B/I-94 is still valid. Will there be a need for amendment on old H1-B? Any help or direction to have a part time job on H1B will be appreciated.


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On 7/27/2017 at 7:07 AM, pontevecchio said:

Yes, if the company files an amendment to make it part time and no contractual issues exist.

Yes there are no contractual issues. Confused on amendment as some post states that we can have two concurrent H1b and continue to work for both employers. Also H1B generally does not specify number of hours?

What will be the amendment for from Company A. Will they need to file LCA again?

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