GC Abandoned?

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Hi Folks.

Here is my situation. I would like to know if USCIS will consider this as abandoned I-485?

1) Got my I-140 approved in June 2006 . Filed I-485 in July 2007 in EB3 -India via company-A.

2) Switched to company-B in Oct 2009 using EAD and applied for AC21. Company-B also filed an H1-B.

4) Moved to India without CP in 2013 (2 years).

5) Came back to the US in 2015 after applying for H1B for another company-C. Company-C got the H1 based upon the pending I-140.

During all these years, I have not been out of status in the US. Due to my India travel, will this be considered as abandoning the GC?

Also, my fingerprinting request stopped coming after 2010. I mostly went for 3 times to fingerprint. It seems some issue with the address change, but the request never came to me.

I would really appreciate if someone knowledgeable would reply as my priority date is coming current.


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  • 4 weeks later...

I 485 filed in July 2007 fiasco is abandoned as you voluntarily moved back to India for 2 yrs (2013-2015) without converting to CP. Market was hot, still you choose to go back?

Contact any lawyer who could help you withdraw your I 485 and check whether you could re-file I 485 again.

@dnivra, please let us know what happened to your case once finalized.

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